Book launch speech, 29th June 2019: Sarah Grace, Sarah Grace Publishing

I have to say that usually the topic of the book when it first lands into my inbox is a key point of decision for me. 

To be honest I was nervous and yet intrigued with the topic of failure due to my due role as a psychotherapist with in the publishing field.

My colleague Malcolm was happy to say “Here is one for you!”.

I like to meet and talk with the author to get a sense of them. This will give me an idea of how we will work together. Quite often the pathology of the book will come out somewhere so you can see why I was a little nervous. Would this book come about or will it failure to make it though the many hurdles in the publishing process.

As the pathology of the topic can play out in the relationship, really how was this going to go, would it fail and would it be intelligently or would we just not get it to market. Even to the last moment, Friday afternoon I was waiting for the delivery to be successful otherwise I held the one and only copy available to us, would we have to auction it off?! Would my fear of failing Caris take over, I had to mindful of this. Fear of Failure can be worse than a failure its self, it can be paralysing and stop us acting at all. Thankfully Caris has, with her faith, conquered this too.

Sarah Grace books are ‘dyslexia friendly’ because I am dyslexic so Caris’s book is fitting as failure is a daily battle for me and others with dyslexia. Often it feels like we can be tripped up at any hurdle. May be able to tackle a task one day yet the next day it is difficult. However knowing it is there and working with the effects, by being honest with ourselves and others of how it may play out and affect them helps everyone manage better. Not an excuse but an informed understanding of our limitations and strengths, owning and recognising these helps.

So having received Caris’s book, my first part is read the manuscript and then meet the author. So I met Caris and what a delight! I have found every step of the way, as has my colleague Malcolm, to be the most relaxed, uplifting and enjoyable that I can say has not always been the case.

I have learnt from Caris, as I do with every author, yet she has enlightened me and encouraged me probably without even knowing it. I feel this book will do the same for many many people. A book to pick up time and time again in times of struggles and just to refresh us.  

I would reiterate – one of the endorsements quoted in the book says: 

“a kind, gentle and refreshingly honestwalk through every aspect of failure that left me feeling relieved and encouraged”.

Thank you Caris for taking the plunge, for embracing the journey of failing, learning from it and rising above it. The opposite is less appealing – it’s not so pretty, not so refreshing, it’s self destructive and we get stuck. Caris shows us the way of seeing it differently by making yourself vulnerable and embarking on a long hard journey of writing a book on failure from many angles. 

Each author I am in awe of no matter what the topic is to take on one that is hard to write, market, hard to package up easily I feel privileged to be on the journey with Caris. I am thankful for that task you gave me but actually I am thrilled with the cover. I am also  totally thrilled that you have a great team around you to help market it. I would say you have embraced failing beyond measure, embodied it and abounding beyond its heights. 

I applaud you for all your hard work and perseverance: In life through the tough times also as a mother, the hardest yet most fulfilling job of all. Having a career as surgeon – how scary is that 

and now an international author making yourself vulnerable and available to others, exposing self in a book for anyone to pick up 

(I hope you had thought of that before now!) 

This book you have made easy to digest a difficult topic. Small enough to handle yet big enough content to make a difference in peoples lives, mine has been enhanced already.

The ripple affect out from failure is easy to see and difficult to make sense of. Yet one positive move of owning our part in failing and by forgiving we can change many lives too. Lets start to look at our own – let the ripple be positive and flowing in the right direction.

Please can you participate in this next part – Caris has made herself vulnerable by even going there to write a book, one tough topic as we know. 

Now is your turn – who here has failed at something, show of hands….so you all will relate to this book and want to get a copy. Those who didn’t put your hand up REALLY need this book because I believe you have a blindspot and need to read this then take my business card as I am a psychotherapist willing to help you out! So everyone here needs a copy and so do your friends so please do support Caris is this way tonight and as she travels on with her journey with this book.

You definitely have modelled to me that you can handle failure however I don’t think that will be on your radar for tonight. Enjoy the celebration of your book and as it grows legs I hope you hear how many lives you have touched.

Thank you.